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"Established in 2008, we are a long establish family business. If we can help, call Roberta & Stuart today to discuss your options". Roberta and Stuart

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Personal and Friendly House & Commercial Property Cleaning Service


Simple, NO Fuss, per item ironing & per load laundry service + FREE collection* or drop off to us!!


Insurance, Materials* & Equipment Included. us today on 01403 782165

Horsham     Billingshurst     Southwater

Slinfold     Ashington     Coolham     Barns Green

Contact us 01403 782165 or 07752 728801

..."our key objective is to provide a professional, personal and confidential service to every client with the highest standard of cleaning on a reliable, yet flexible basis"

Here at Yi&C4U we understand that our business is personal to our clients.


We understand that our clients place an immense amount of trust in us and so from the outset we’ve implemented a structured, specific system taking into account staffing and seasonal change so that we can guarantee that our client always sees the same friendly faces.


Operational efficiency is everything in our business and we manage with a proactive rather than reactive approach, which from the start means implementing into each property a specific task, materials and required staff and time package.


Every visit to our client is seen as a project, it’s important to guarantee the same consistent high standards each week. Once implemented and reviewed to confirm that we produce the highest standard every visit, the process is monitored and reviewed with the client, building long term relationships.


Established in 2008, our business launched offering customers a simple ironing collection and return service. As our list of customers grew, we were regularly asked if we were able to recommend a local cleaning company, who matched the same high standard as our ironing.


Later that same year, we confirmed the first of many new Domestic Cleaning Customers, in fact our second ironing customer was to be the new companies first Ironing and Cleaning 4 You client. By combining ironing and cleaning our objective was to add value and convenience to our service for every client.


As our company continues to attract new customers throughout our surrounding towns and villages, new staff are being trained and introduced, new vehicles purchased and our company continues to grow through recommendation and limited local advertising.


As Horshams FIRST, award winning independant ironing and cleaning service provider, we continue to strive to offer a complete, professional and reliable solution, building our business by listening to our clients.


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